Catechism of the Catholic Church
Compared to the Bible: Contents


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Major Biblical Doctrines
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Doctrinas Cristianas Importantes


Catholicism teaches another gospel.
The Gospel According to God
Points to Consider
The Catholic Catechism relies on Catholic edicts, not the Bible.
Catholicism teaches the same false gospel as all false religions.
The Cult (Worship) of Mary
Catholicism says Mary was born without sin and never sinned.
Catholicism says Mary became the cause of salvation for humanity.
Catholicism says we have life through Mary.
Catholicism says Mary was crowned Queen of all things.
Catholicism says Mary brings the gifts of salvation.
Catholicism says Mary is our intercessor, advocate, helper and mediator.
Christ's  Sacrifice
Catholicism teaches that Jesus' sacrifice is still continuing.
Catholic Cardinal John O'Brien on consecration.
Cross Not Enough
Catholicism says Christ's work on the Cross was not sufficient to fully pay for our sins.
Punishment for Forgiven Sins
Catholicism says believers will be punished for sins that have already been forgiven.
Salvation by Works
Catholicism says works, e.g., participation in the sacraments are necessary for salvation.
Catholic doctrine teaches that we can earn salvation for ourselves and others by works.
Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation
Catholicism says water baptism is necessary for salvation.
Works Can Save Others
Catholicism says the good works of one believer can pay for the sins of that believer or other believers.
Catholic or Hell
Catholicism says Catholic Church membership is necessary.
This has been the Catholic position all along.
"I'm Catholic, and I don't believe only Roman Catholics will go to Heaven."
Miss a Mass, Burn in Hell
Moslems Will Be Saved
Catholicism says Muslims can be saved although they deny Jesus' crucifixion and deity.
Moslem beliefs on Jesus' crucifixion.
The Bible says unbelievers are lost, which includes Moslems.
Catholic teaching on saved Moslems contradicts need to be Catholic.
Hell  Immediately
Catholicism says the lost go to Hell immediately upon death.
According to the Bible, nobody is in Hell yet.
Catholicism says the communion bread and wine become the physical body and blood of Jesus.
Catholicism demands that believers worship the Eucharist.
Catholicism says that anyone who does not accept the edicts of the Pope hates Christ.
Catholicism says that whoever does not follow Catholic bishops despises Christ.
Catholicism claims that God continues to give new Scripture.
A Final Question
If God doesn't change, and the Catholic pronouncements are from God, then why do they contradict the Bible?